Tile Roofing


Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tiles roofs contain complex inorganic color pigments that boost their reflectance in the infrared spectrum thus increasing energy efficiency and performance of a roof system by measuring the amount of ventilation between the roof deck and the roofing material. Because of the inherent thermal properties and durability of clay, people have been using this natural material for more than 5,000 years..

The Beauty of Clay Tiles.

With a growing awareness of the benefits of “cool” roofing, and the much sought-after traditional beauty of an Old World look, one clay roof tile is enjoying a revival in today’s market. Long known for its classic appeal and durability, clay roof tile has stood the test of time. But all tiles are not created equal..

John's Roofing - Experts in Tile roofing

John's Roofing Inc is equipped to perform all tile related services. We will inspect your existing tile or slate roof and provide a detailed written report, advising you of deficiencies and areas of concern. Our service spans from replacing a few slates to installing full tile or slate roofs..